2020 - 2021 Subject Allocation / Curriculum Programme / Class Allocation Result

2020 - 2021 科目報讀 / 課程報讀申請 / 分班結果

2020 - 2021 academy years' MS1/MS2 subject selection result was uploaded at 00:00 am on 16 July 2020 (Wednesday)
2020-2021學年升讀MS1及MS2 選修科目申請結果 已於 2020 年 07 月 16 日 (星期三) 零時 上載至本校網站.
Class Allocation will be uploaded at 12:00 noon on 03 August 2020 (Monday)
分班結果將於 2020 年 08 月 03 日 (星期一) 正午12點上載

Please use your child's student number (can be found on the lower right of the report card) as username, and identity card number (first 5 characters including the English letter, if any) as password. Generally speaking, the student’s Hong Kong Identity Card Number has been used for school registration. If your child does not have a Hong Kong Identity Card, you should use his/her passport number, HKSAR Re-entry Permit number or One-way Permit number to login.

請以學生編號為登入名稱及學生身份證明文件首五個位為密碼(包括英文字母)登入查看。 一般來說,學生在校註冊的身份證明文件為香港身份證。假如學生沒有香港身份證,請用學生的護照號碼、回港証號碼或港澳通行証號碼登入。

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