HKCCCU Logos Academy (A Direct-subsidy School in Through-train Mode)
Application for Foundation Stage One (Primary One) Admission 2018-2019

Before you begin
  1. It may take 10 - 20 minutes to complete this form.
  2. Please prepare a recent photo of your child. It should be a JPEG format file with file size less than 3 MB. We suggest to use a coloured JPEG image.
  3. Please ALSO prepare a scanned copy of the following identification document(s) which includes:
  • (a) birth certificate, and
  • (b) passport with valid dependent visa if the child is born overseas.
If you have any other identity information, please scan it and save it as a PDF file with file size less than 5 MB.
  4. All other information, such as personal portfolio containing academic reports, activities certificates, language attainment reports, etc. are NOT required at this stage of application.
  5. You will receive an application number after you have successfully submitted the application form.

2018-2019 學年  基階一年級(小一)入學申請

  1. 請預留 10 - 20 分鐘填寫此申請表。
  2. 請準備 貴子弟的近照,影像儲存為 JPEG 檔案格式,並在 3 MB 之內。我們建議使用彩色 JPEG 影像。
  3. 請同時準備 貴子弟的身份證明文件副本:
  • (a) 出生證明書,及
  • (b) 護照及附上有效之居留簽證(如貴子弟在外地出生)。
如需補充其他身份證明文件,請掃描並儲存為 5 MB 之內的 PDF 檔案格式。
  4. 所有其他資料,例如:個人資料檔案包括學業成績表、課外活動獎狀、語文測試之成績報告等,均毋需在此階段遞交。
  5. 成功遞交申請表後,你將會收到申請編號。